Falls Church Montessori Kindergarten Program

Ages 4 years to 6 years

The Falls Church Montessori Kindergarten Program (Ages 4 – 6) further extends and amplifies the teachings of the Montessori educational system to children who are preparing to transition into more mainstream educational systems.

The Falls Church Montessori Kindergarten Program is structured on a full day, tri-partite academic framework. Students in this program will participate first, in the Early Montessori session. During this period, typically 9:00 – 11:30 a.m. a mixed age group class, children ages 3-6, will interact and work in a traditional Montessori environment.

Following a recess and lunch break, our Kindergartners begin their afternoon academic session. In this more intimate of settings, only our oldest and most advanced students will get time to further hone their skills, in a class environment intended to prepare them for 1st Grade.

During this session, our students are provided increased one-on-one attention, our most challenging academic curriculum, and highest behavioral expectations and standards. Following a break for snack, students will transition from this Afternoon Montessori class, to the Montessori Liberal Arts part of their day. During these afternoon hours, culture, art, community projects and lessons take priority. This part of the curriculum, is intended to ensure our students get a well-rounded and full educational experience.

The typical classroom progression has Montessori students work their way through the Toddler, and Primary classes before entering the Kindergarten program. However, it is possible for a new enrollee to apply and secure a space in this program.

Not surprisingly, this last pre-grade school program results in dramatic growth in our students. Students at this level are routinely reading at grade school level, able to complete advanced math exercises – including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – and evidence strong social and emotional maturity.

Past students of Falls Church Montessori have developed a strong track record of impeccable performance at public and private grade school institutions across the Washington Metro area. As such, demand for the Falls Church Montessori Kindergarten program is extremely high, applicants are encouraged to apply three to six months in advance of desired start date.