About Our Falls Church Campus

The Falls Church Montessori School has been a part of the Falls Church and Arlington community since 1983. Today, the Center is owned and operated by the third generation, of the original center founders.

For over three decades, each year, hundreds of students and families have experienced all of what makes Falls Church Montessori so unique; its faculty and staff, its commitment to early childhood education through the Montessori philosophy, and its roots in, and connection to the local community.

Facade_600Today, the Falls Church Montessori School has clearly established itself as the Metro area’s leading early childhood educational provider. The established reputation and track record this local center has, for caring, educating, and connecting with each family and student is simply of no equal.

For more information about the Falls Church Montessori School, prospective student families are encouraged to contact us for more specific information, and to arrange a school tour.

Our Commitment to Success

Today, the significance of Early Childhood Education, sometimes referred to as “Pre-K Education’ has garnered increasing public attention. The Falls Church Montessori School has been ahead of this issue, for literally decades. For over thirty years, the Falls Church Montessori School has recognized the significance of the first six years of a child’s life; understanding that these formative years set the foundation upon which a child’s life will be built.

Year after year, decade after decade, Falls Church Montessori strives to meet the vast potential of its students, with an incredibly unique and diverse staff and faculty sincerely committed to seeing it realized in the Montessori system. The results have been unequaled in success and achievement for students, and equally unparalleled satisfaction, and sincere pride from the entire schools’ faculty and staff.

Contact us today, to schedule a tour of the Falls Church Montessori School, and begin to have a conversation about transforming your child’s educational experience.